High Rise and Construction Services

Construction surveying is the process of translating construction plans into physical points on the ground that is used as a basis for the actual construction. This type of surveying operates in all three dimensions, providing not only the horizontal location of new improvements, but also the vertical information required to ensure that surfaces will drain or that pipes will flow as required.

The results of construction surveying can be seen everywhere – virtually all buildings, roadways, and other man-made improvements involve some amount of construction surveying.

NYCLS has one of the best known construction surveying divisions in the New York Metro Area, and has provided construction surveying services on some of the largest and most celebrated construction projects in New York City, including the new Yankee Stadium, Citified Stadium, Lincoln Center, One Madison Park, Ellis Island Rehabilitation, Harlem River Park, and many others.

NYCLS specializes in high-rise construction layout. We provide:

  • Block Surveys to establish right-of-way limits of city blocks.
  • Column Line and Building Corner Staking.
  • Pile, Pile Cap & Footing Staking.
  • Pile As-Built Surveys.
  • Anchor Bolt and Template As-Built Surveys.
  • Horizontal Grid and Vertical Control for multiple floors on metal decking & concrete decking.
  • Steel & Concrete Column Plumb Reports.
  • Mullion Alignment Surveys.
  • Utility & Finish Grade Staking.
  • Interior Layout and As-built conditions